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About Us

With its base in Danish business & leisure travel for 40 years, online travel for a decade and travel agencies in Poland and Central Europe since 1992. WTI is determined to become market leader in the fast growing Central European countries having its offices in Poland, Czech Republic. Hungary and Romania , with 175 strong professional’s delivering corporate travel services local/regional and global to multinational corporations.

Today global business travel is not about global travel companies. It is now a period of stronger regional players with independent decentralized national companies who understand and respect their markets and cultures and yet have the necessary international background and management purchase power to deliver a balanced and adequate corporate travel management service.

WTI is part of the strong financial and experienced Weco Invest A/S with investments primarily in travel and transport business. WTI is also a share holder of Radius Travel which manages the RADIUS Network of top corporate agencies who service & support corporate travelers. The RADIUS Network consists of 3,300 locations in 80 countries.


Travel management company

To be the travel management company of choice in Central Europe, providing customized travel management solutions to customers.




Providing customized travel solutions

We are a consultative travel management company with expertise in providing customized travel solutions in the CE to Corporate, Government and Semi Government customers through the deployment of leading technology solutions and dedicated skilled professionals.

Weco-Travel Poland

Weco-Travel was established in 1992 by Weco-Travel, Denmark. It was a true Green Field exercise at a time when corporate travel provider were very limited and office space and telephone-lines almost non-existing. A young Indian immigrant J.J. Singh became in charge and share- holder , to-day 23 years later, team has built up one of Poland’s most reputable and profitable business travel companies with over 90 employees. Besides its head office in Warsaw, Weco-Travel has fully owned branches in Gdynia, Wroclaw and Poznan.