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Weco-Travel was established in Poland in 1992 in response to the growing needs of customers in the area of business travel. Customers have always been most important for us and, in particular, customer satisfaction and trust. Thanks to over twenty years of experience in the Polish market and an individual approach to the needs of every customer, we can boast long-term cooperation with numerous partners.

Currently, Weco-Travel is one of the leaders in business travel services in Poland and in the world. We possess a network of our own agencies in Poland, located in Warsaw, Gdynia, Wrocław and Poznań. Weco-Travel Group agencies are also located outside of Poland: in Scandinavia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania. Thanks to technological investments, all Weco-Travel agencies are linked by a very efficient and modern IT system. This lets us service our customers in line with the adopted standards and observing the Travel Policy of our customers regardless of the customer’s location. Additionally, the IT system implemented in Weco-Travel allows advanced reports to be generated for our customers, which enable ongoing control of expenses related to business travel and direct linking of the Weco Travel accounting system to the customer’s accounting system. A solution of this type offers measurable benefits, including a reduction in the time necessary for posting all expenses; furthermore, it decreases the number of employees necessary for settling business travel costs. Soon, we will also launch the option of generating reports directly from our website. This solution will give our customers access to data related to expenses on business travel at any given moment.

As a shareholder and the sole representative of Radius Global Travel Management in Poland, we provide services to our customers in over 80 countries throughout the world. Cooperation with Weco-Travel offers you a guarantee of reliability: membership of an international organisation ensures global coverage and knowledge, along with observance of the local character of services and a guarantee of the financial safety of your transactions. Agencies selected as members of Radius Travel have to comply with rigorous criteria regarding their financial situation and access to state-of-the-art technologies used in the tourist industry.

By starting to cooperate with Weco-Travel, you gain:
o    time savings;
o    cost reductions;
o    detailed control of expenses;
o    simplification of service ordering procedures;
o    a reliable and trusted partner;
o    access to world-class technologies.

All Weco-Travel agencies possess an IATA (International Air Transport Association) licence. IATA is the largest and most renowned organisation for air transport carriers. IATA has been setting trends in passenger air transport for over 60 years. Nowadays, IATA brings together 260 renowned airlines that service 94% of regular passenger traffic. IATA is a guarantee of safe travel and reliable services provided by Weco-Travel.