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Service & Support

Flight Tickets

Our offer includes flight tickets for legacy carriers and low-cost airlines. For every booking operation, a Weco-Travel consultant presents at least three travel options, including the cheapest option available in the system and provides reliable information concerning the date for purchasing the ticket and description of the airline tariff. Additionally, Weco-Travel consultants contact the travellers and remind them about the purchase deadline for the booking that was made.


We possess our own hotel programme with a global range: the Radius Hotel Programme, which guarantees access to 30,000 hotels with varied categories and standards in 137 countries, including Poland. We also allow settlement of payment for hotel rooms with the use of vouchers. Thanks to the use of advanced tools and the use of 11 booking systems, we offer you the most advantageous rates available at the moment of booking.

Train, Ferry and Bus Tickets

Our own terminals give us access to all domestic and foreign tariffs of the Polish Railway Company (PKP). Our offer also includes Rail Europe for AVE, TGV and SNCF trains. Our own courier service guarantees quick and easy delivery of tickets that you order to your office.

Our offer also includes ferry and bus tickets (Polski Bus).

Help Desk (24/7)

In case of sudden and unforeseen problems which occur outside of our office hours, we offer a Help Desk service. By calling a special telephone number you can receive assistance with respect to booking or make changes to:

  • plane tickets;
  • hotels in the country and abroad;
  • cars.

The Help Desk is available to our customers 7 days a week (outside of Weco-Travel office hours) in Polish and in English. Weco-Travel office hours: Monday – Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and Saturdays from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm


Depending on your needs, we can prepare every report regarding your company and employee travels. A monthly expense report contains details of each transaction completed in a given month: first name and surname of the traveller, date of travel, date of booking, travel class, document number, etc. – reports are adjusted to the individual requirements of our customers. Our offer also includes reports showing the savings generated for you – each individual transaction is encoded by consultants. On invoices and in reports we can encode additional information for you, such as cost centre, project number, division, etc.

Business Reports

Analytical reports presenting expenses on business travel in individual months and categories (flights, hotels, trains, visas, car rental, etc.). Business reports are an excellent tool for analysing business travel costs and undertaking subsequent activities such as renegotiations with sub-contractors.

Savings Reports

Reports of savings generated for you by Weco-Travel by:

  • using special customer rates and Weco-Travel rates;
  • comparing offers of all suppliers;
  • the creativity and experience of consultants.

Thanks to savings reports, we provide you with detailed information on how much the costs related to business travel have decreased due to the work of Weco-Travel.

All reports submitted by Weco-Travel contain reliable information about your expenses. On their basis, a dedicated Key Account Manager advises subsequent solutions aimed at optimising the costs of business travel.


Weco-Travel has over 100 active accounts with its customers – we recommend this solution for payment of plane tickets, as it offers the option of deferred payment up to 59 days. Additionally, the cards include insurance for every employee whose travel costs were settled with the card. Each settlement is accompanied by a report containing detailed data about travel for the entire month. The customer receives a guarantee that the invoice issued by Weco-Travel will be for the same amount as the statement from the bill issuer.

We cooperate with American Express, Diners Club and Air Plus.

Service Level Agreement

Before commencing cooperation, we always specify the SLA: thanks to this, we also know what the expectations of our customers are and the manner in which we should process all orders. Specifying the customer’s travel policy and the SLA guarantees that we fully understand a customer’s expectations.

Weco-Travel sends questionnaires regarding the service level. A dedicated Key Account Manager who supervises the entire cooperation is always at your disposal.

Dedicated Key Account Manager

An employee dedicated to take care of your business who supervises correct day-to-day service and is responsible for consulting on business travel management and optimising the costs of your travel. A Key Account Manager analyses expenses, negotiates tripartite agreements on your behalf and pro-actively searches for new solutions on the business travel market, which may streamline the process of business travel management.

Dedicated Team of Consultants

To facilitate communication, we prepare a list of consultants dedicated to servicing your business travel along with telephone numbers and email addresses. The list is sent in a ready-to-print format.