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Incentive Trips

Incentive is the art of surprising and amazing.

Incentive trips are an important business tool used to increase employees’ efficiency and customers’ loyalty. On the one hand, such trips offer recreation and leisure, while on the other they are aimed at fulfilling specific business objectives. In a renowned company, incentive trips are offered to the best employees and customers with an awareness that the cost will be paid back a number of times. This is a long-term investment, well thought out and profitable. Therefore, it is important that the organisation of such a trip is entrusted to professionals.

Weco-Travel, in cooperation with the customer, always applies the principles of sensitive marketing, a friendly approach to customers, discovering the customer’s wishes and needs and transforming them into products and services of top quality. We have been organising incentive trips for a number of years and we know how to advise our customers: in which season of the year a trip should be organised, what location and what programme should be offered in order to achieve the business objective. Our programmes are optimised in terms of the amount of time devoted to leisure, sightseeing and work-related elements.

Each place can be presented well and each trip can be organised in an interesting way. Our ideas and creativity are unlimited; even a low-budget trip can turn out to be very inspiring, interesting and attractive if the organisation is entrusted to specialists. When organising trips, two objectives are always of key importance to us: safety and customer satisfaction. These two elements determine the destination of the trip and recommendations for specific activities.

We always prepare them so that the participants feel motivated to work hard and keep the memories from the trip in their minds for a long time. You can rely on us!