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AeTM (Amadeus e-Travel Management) is an Internet platform which your employees can use to book flight tickets, hotels and cars independently. Bookings are made observing the principles of your company’s travel policy, which are entered in the system and visible for all persons making the booking.

By using AeTM, you obtain access to all rates published in the Amadeus booking system, as well as to rates of low-cost carriers and all special rates procured by your company from other suppliers. The system takes into account all company agreements with airlines, hotels and car rental agencies.

Every traveller has an individual profile with preferences, loyalty cards and implemented company travel policy.Via AeTM, travellers have constant access to all current bookings. Each booking goes to a dedicated Weco-Travel consultant, who verifies its correctness and issues a ticket in line with the booking conditions.

Apart from the above-mentioned possibility of booking flight tickets, hotel accommodation and car rental services, the system also allows for transfer booking. With the use of the applied Single Sign-On technology, the user receives access to external booking systems, such as Weco World Hotels and IC on-line, as well as websites that provide on-line check-in.  

 Functionalities worth paying attention to:

  • possibility of implementing a company travel policy;
    • functionality that allows for defining the policy with respect to: flight tickets, hotel booking, car rental;
    • determination of price limits for the above-listed travel components, depending on the destination or region;
    • possibility of determining selection of service classes or preferences for applicable limits, as well as categories in case of hotels;
    • travel policy dependant on the selected groups or company divisions (different for the Commercial Division, Marketing Division or the company’s Management Board);
  • possibility of defining suppliers whose offers are visible in the AeTM system;
    • exclusion of a given airline, hotel network or car rental agency;
  • different payment forms:
    • individual credit card,
    • company account (BTA, Amex, Airplus, Diners etc.),
    • transfer (refers to flight tickets and transfers);
  • system is available for users 24/7;
  • possibility of configuring automatic ticket issue, which significantly shortens the waiting time;
  • mobile application of the system;
  • possibility of defining additional data in the booking, which will be subsequently transferred to reports (employee numbers, project codes, etc.);
  • passenger profile in the offline and online profile is the same, which greatly facilitates content management;
  • possibility of storing information regarding numbers of loyalty scheme cards or preferences regarding airlines, hotel chains and car rental agencies.
  • AeTM supports four types of users in the system:
    • Traveller: makes bookings for own purposes and has insight to such bookings;
    • Travel Arranger:  makes bookings for third parties, including persons without a profile, the so-called Guest Travellers;
    • Travel Approver: authorises travels for other travellers;
    • Profile Manager: manages profiles, creates and deletes profiles.        
  • Booking confirmation may take place in two modes:
    • Confirm Trip: automatic ticket issue;
    • Hold Trip: booking is made and has a specific deadline for confirmation.