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Business Reports

Depending on the customer’s needs, we can prepare every report concerning the company’s expenses and the employees’ business travels. A monthly expense report contains details of each transaction completed in a given month: the first name and surname of the traveller, date of travel, date of booking, destination, travel class, document number, etc. Reports are adjusted to the individual requirements of our customers. Our offer also includes reports showing the savings generated for you – each individual transaction is entered by our consultants. Invoices and reports can include additional information such as cost centre, project number, division, etc.

Business Reports

Analytical reports present expenses for business trips, divided into individual months and categories (flights, hotels, trains, visas, car rental, etc.). The reports are an indispensable tool for cost analysis and for undertaking activities aimed at ensuring better terms of cooperation with suppliers.

The reports may also be provided with Advanced Booking analysis, i.e. data specifying how far in advance flight tickets were booked and what the average ticket price was. We book journeys in line with the principle “the sooner the better” - a minimum of 14 days before departure, as this ensures a greater variety of lower and cheaper tariffs – we can show differences in average ticket prices resulting from orders made fewer than 14 days before departure.


Savings reports are aimed at showing:
-    the use of the Customer’s and Weco-Travel’s special rates;
-    a comparison of offers of all suppliers;
-    the creativity and experience of consultants.

Thanks to savings reports, we can provide our customers with detailed information on how much their business travel-related costs were decreased thanks to the adopted strategy.

All the reports delivered by Weco Travel offer reliable information concerning your expenses, on the basis of which a dedicated Account Manager can advise which strategy should be adopted in order to optimise business travel costs.