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Weco World Hotels

Weco-Travel offers its customers a system for on-line hotel booking, Weco World Hotels. This system consolidates over 10 hotel systems and offers access to a broad hotel database in Poland and abroad. During the booking processing, the company’s business travel policy is taken into account, i.e. introduced limits, the customer’s agreements with hotels for special rates, principles of invoicing and reporting with additional information uploaded from travellers’ profiles entered in the system, as well as payment methods preferred by customers.

The system is offered to customers in two versions: standard and premium.

The standard module is characterised by:

  • extensive hotel offer with content delivered by key suppliers of hotel booking systems;
  • after starting the search process, the offer waiting time does not exceed 30 seconds;
  • the hotel voucher is generated and sent to the e-mail address the moment after booking confirmation;
  • the module in the standard version allows for booking management;
  • the system offers the possibility to establish users with specific roles:
    • Traveller: users with this profile can make bookings for their own purposes and may only manage their own bookings;
    • Travel Arranger: users with this profile may make bookings for their own purposes and for third parties, and have the possibility of managing their bookings.


The premium module possesses the same functionalities as the standard module and additionally:

  • allows for implementation of own corporate rates to the system;
  • allows for determination of travel policy by defining price limits;
  • the model possesses a functionality allowing for creation of traveller profiles;
  • there is a possibility of providing additional information for the needs of invoicing or detailed reporting;
  • there is a possibility of booking additional services, such as parking site or Wi-Fi access;
  • functionality allowing for selecting a payment form depending on the needs: taking over payments by Weco Travel or payment by the customer on the spot in the hotel;
  • in the premium module, the administrator has additional roles:
    • possibility of editing bookings made by the company;
    • possibility of annulling all corporate bookings.